Project: Increase the lighting footprint with bridgelux light strips

My project is to build a frame for my current Roleadro cobs incorporating bridgelux light strips. The goal is to increase the lighting footprint, have it run as efficiently as possible, and to have it all as one hanging unit. I’ll be hanging it over a 46"x30" scrog.

I’ll build the main frame for the cobs from 1.5"X1.5"x .125" aluminum angle. The driver will be mounted between the cobs. The 2 1120mm bridgelux strips will be mounted to 3"x46"x.125" flat aluminum plate. 1 plate mounted underneath each side, (a total of 4 strips).

The light strip plates will be connected to the main light frame by 2"-4"bolts. It will hang lower than the cobs, since I’ve noticed my other bridgelux project can be closer to the canopy than the cobs. I’ll be using a dimming driver or be able to switch out the bolts shorter or longer if I’m wrong.

Cost is @$200
Power should be 160w max

I’ll be using the BXEB-L1120Z-30E4000-C-B3 I’d prefer the BXEB-L1120Z-35E4000-C-B3, (cheaper) but there is no stock available
Driver, per your suggestion,
I’m assuming the heat sink ability of the aluminum plate will be at the same level or greater than the last project? 3"x46" = 276 sq in for 88sq in of lighting = 3.13?

Here’s a quick sketch.

I’ll take opinions and suggestions, (yes I do realize I could buy 2 more Roleadro cobs for $200, but I’d like to maximize efficiency for future grows. Throwing more Chinese panels in my mix isn’t the way I want to proceed).


If I understand correctly, you’re putting 2 strips on a 3”x46” piece of aluminum bar stock? What is wall thickness? Any smaller than 1/8” or .125 will be pretty flimsy. Otherwise cooking capabilities on that will be a little better than the 10 strips on 12”x12”.

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I was planning on .125"

I haven’t ordered anything yet. So there’s room for improvement.

That’s fine as long as it’s fastened to your frame effectively. I think it would work out pretty good.

I’ve considered adding a cob or quantum board from hlg or timber to throw between the two roleadros. I’m sure that’d work as well for about the same $$, but I’m thinking adding light around a frame might work better and be more adjustable. I can run just the roleadros for veg, and turn on the bridgelux strips for flower.

I’m also sick of trying to get the roleadros positioned just right, (they love to rotate In the breeze). Mounting them together should help that.

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So I just got my driver, it’s the Hlg-185h-c1050b not the a. Somehow I never noticed the a vs b. Is it still a suitable driver?
Also, I assume it’ll be wired just like the 100w bridgelux strip light I made last month?

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4 gen2 1120mm strips right, two per 3” bar stock?

Correct. 4 strips total.

She’ll work almost identically the same. The difference is that you’ll need to hook up your own dimmer to be able to dim the lights. You’ll need a 100k potentiometer. Rapid led sells one in nice plastic box for $5-6 I think. You can find them for $1 or so elsewhere, but you need to make sure it indeed reads over 100k ohms. A lot of them are only around 90k and that will lower your light output.

The good thing with these it that you can put dimmer wherever you want. Doesn’t need to be right next to driver.

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I think I found the one from rapid led. It says it’s good for the hlg-c series type b driver, which is what I’ve got,(correct)? They don’t list any specs. Can I run the light without the “dimmer”?


That’s the one, if you want it. You can absolutely run without dimmer. I would just put something like wire nuts or tape over the exposed conductor on dimming leads so they don’t short or touch anything energized.

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@dbrn3 So far it looks pretty good. I’ll have to throw it on the meter tomorrow and see what it’s drawing for wattage. As soon as I get the potentiometer I’ll install it in the tent. :+1:


Looks very nice! Good work!

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I’ll take the construction and design credit, you get the technical credit. Thank you.

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Any time, hopefully they everything you need them to!

188 watts at the wall turned all the way up. So, about $1/watt for this project. I’ve got it running at about 50 watts right now, hopefully the 3500k strips will help the veg too.


Nice! $1 per watt is pretty good.


Good thing I put a dimmer on the light. I had it at about 75% while on vacation. Def got some light bleaching while I was away, and torched the top of a bud or two. Otherwise the GDP buds are fattening up and very solid @ Day 38 of flower.


Looks like everything is working as planned tho :sunglasses:


New lights, new strain, new nutes. A few hiccups, but so far the buds are looking dense as hell.

The light strips are doing all I could ask for.

…and the tent smells amazing. Every time I go in there it smells like candy. I hope my neighbors are enjoying the fantastic scents my vent is blowing their way. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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