Progress on the grow room


Got some painting done


Coming along


Yeah. My goal is to build it with left over stuff from my own house and my parents old house. So far so good. Next is removing that ancient work bench and adding cabinets and the counter top. My ideal set up will have a plant bench on each side with my work table on the far wall in the middle. Another good thing is that when the lights are off,it’s darker than my soul in the room. Except for a peak of light under the door. I can fix that with a door sweep.


Found a bunch wire shelving and shop lights. All free!


Haha I think most of us will put money into our grow room faster than the kitchen


So true. I’m like that with any hobby. I’ll not eat lunch and save the money for hobby goodies lmao. I was like this with brewing, winemaking, sausage making, meat smoking ( no jokes plz :rofl:) pen making and on and on. Oh and woodworking too. I ditched that one quick because it is a huge money pit. I actually find this hobby quite reasonable for now. Nothing compared to salt water aquariums.


You have me laughing… :grin:

Glad your with us… :wink:
Let me know if you need any info… :wink:



Thank you. I love learning and participating here. The Rollit up forum seemed a little clicky for me so I picked here instead


Improvising is a great way to get a good harvest.


Some of my found goods.


Finally got the old work bench tire out today and finished painting. The room is 11x11 total. Also going to build a bookcase to conceal the entrance door to make it super sneaky. It helps when mosey family comes over. Even though it’s in the basement they always find some reason to wander around. Lol.


Built one of the plant benches today. Simple but effective.


Spent the evening working on the grow room. Lots of progress in prep for the HLG lights.


Grow room update.