Progress on 2nd auto

This is my other auto blueberry bliss which is also on day 25 and it is displaying alot of hairs early but what do u guess think does it look healthy?

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a good rule of thumb @tim245, for every foot of plant,you need a gallon worth of pot…1ft=1gal 2ft=2gal and so on…
i do not want you to get root bound early…lol it looks great!

Lol thanks this is my first grow learning as i go

Its a 3 gallon and the plant is auto do u think i will get root bound?

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3 gal would be the min.i would go…i’m trying 7 gallon bags now…
i think i could have went with 5,but i’m willing to see what the sevens will do.
so far the only draw back of the 7 is more dry out time between waterings…

My next one i want all 5 or 7 gal smart pots

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Welcome to ILGM

Here is a linl to my journal on Auto Flowering Plants. I am sure you can learn alot from my journal