Progress of my grow

Hello, my name is Gabriel from Argentina!
Sorry if I broke a rule of this group but my English is not very good.
I wanted to ask you for help in my grow.
I continue to tell you:
I bought an 80x80 store and I have a 300w wide spectrum led panel and a 50w led white light. 24 hs light
a fun at the top for fresh air intake.
I have 7 plants
2 in 10-liter pots and one in a 6-liter pot. these first 3 were germinated 1 month and a half ago.
the other 4 are only 1 month old and were planted in 5-liter pots (error I know).
Buy growth and flowering kits for their respective stages.
This is how they look today.
Irrigation I try to do it every 2 or 3 days without exceeding the amount of water.
Also apply LST

Plants progress in this way:

would accept any help since this is my first grow.
In the worst case, what would be the yield of this indoor?
the plants are approximately 35 cm
maybe i have made several beginner mistakes but i am trying with your help to correct them. ! thank u a lot!!

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They all look good man, different stages of flowering. Yields depending on so many factors, make impossible. But looking awesome


Welcome to the community.

Your plants look great!

The buds will get much bigger further along in flower. It’s really hard to give an amount for the harvest. Like @Dennis62 said a lot of variables.

Also it looks like you want to treat for a magnesium deficiency. Stripes on the leaves. Water with a tsp of epsom salt or cal/mag.


thanks dennis!!

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Thanks a los bro!! :slight_smile:


Looking good, it looks like your got first timers over nervousness, relax your good.