Progress at 3 weeks WW auto fem

Here are the 2 girls at 3 weeks. The smaller one is 4 days behind. They seem to like what I have done and the Florida sun.

Thanks for all the advice.


I think the little white dot on some leaves are from where I got some nutrient water on the leaves. I will be more careful going forward.

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Keep doing what you’re doing.

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Now at 4 weeks. First sign of white pistols but the plant is barely 12 inches tall. It is my first grow and it is a White Widow Auto Fem. Wondering why the plant is only 12 inches, looks healthy. Is this normal for an auto flower?

I tried to show the pistols but the image was to big. I can’t deal with resizing. They are at the top next to the latest set of leaves.I’ll take a smaller pic tomorrow.

6 week update:

These sisters are at 6 weeks. The shorter one was planted in Rockwool, then coco and perilite in a beer cup. It took off first.

The taller one was paper toweled, then Rockwool , then beer cup. they both went into these 5 gallon pots, coco and perilite.

The short one was ahead until week 5. Then the one that is taller caught up and passed it in height. Both are flowering but the shorter stocky one started flowering sooner by a week or more.

Both are in buffered coco with perilite. I am following a General Hydroponics nutrient program. The shorter one is a shade of green less than the taller one. Both are WW auto fem Royal Queen seeds.

I am happy with my first try so far. Both are out in the Florida sun.