Professional indoor growing of marijuana

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I am a total beginner but this is my thoughts:
I want to setup a 8x4 mars grow tent, i want to grow in soil with super autoflowers to achieve a yield of at least 800gram, need to use led lights, can you please supply following info:
absolute best led lights to obtain maximum yield and how many do i need for this grow area(8x4 feet),
what is amount of super autos (with high thc) i can grow in this area bearing in mind i maybe need humidifier to control humidity and also extractor fan,
which method of growing super autos is delivering greatest yield, tsl or should i just let them grow naturally to achieve maximum size, depending on your answer how many should i grow in a 8x4 area,
what size humidifier and extractor fan do i need for a 8x4 area, which models are best and what do you suggest,
which ready to buy soil mix are best for super autos,
what size containers should i use,
My goal is to have professional setup which delivers maximum yield,
your advise will be highly appreciated.

4 hlg 320

4x8x7=224 cubic feet
you’ll need a fan that does 225 cfm (cubic feet minute) or more then you’ll be able to cycle air without any issues

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All you want is 2 lbs ? You can get 2 lbs in a 4x4 with 8 autos if your genetics are good. I recommend doing coco coir and either using Jack’s 321 or go organic best of luck


Lights. Hlg horticulture lighting group
Medium coco coir
Ac infinity t8 for exhaust cheaper 4 or 6 inch for intake. 5 or 7 gallon fabric pots and seeds will be of your choice. Jacks 321 is simple to.use start to finish

Great advice from. @Mark0427 @PharmerBob @GreenSnek . Your environmental conditioning and lighting are critical for even a decent grow. PharmaBob did the exhaust fan CFMs and Mark0427 suggested a great fan and light. I recently upgraded to the HLG300 RSPEC and in 3 days can see a very noticeable difference. I run two 6” exhaust fans and one 6 inch intake. Good job on doing the research first, will definitely set you up for success :love_you_gesture:


DO you have a budget a lot of people want a 4x8 but when they find out the cost to set it up they change their mind


Start here

HLG is having a sale right now, I ordered a second 260w xl rspec for 282 bucks using “dude” as discount promo. They have other ones at discount right now also.

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Why do you want to grow autos when you will have the capability to manipulate the lighting cycles? Just wondering

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