Professional Growers - What would You Do?

I’m no pro but I would link all the buckets with 2” piping and bulkheads and move those nutes and put a 20-30g res right there. At the opposite end adapting down to a black water hose and runn the hose along the wall back towards the res into a pump.
Turning that into a very nice RDWC system or undercurrent system.
Put the bulkheads where the water lvl tubes are at (if there’s enough room to drill)

I would also talk to @dbrn32 on a upgraded light and get rid of the blurple.

Just the thoughts of a new grower tho.

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That’s Funny Emoji

Full Spectrum LED’s so purple(red) Whatever.


Not a joke, but kinda funny I guess? Blurple is old technology. Its also terrible for visual identification of deficiencies. Not pleasing to the eye and definately NOT full spectrum! The " full spectrum " thing is aboit as widely exploited as the 2000 watt light thing. Its quite misleading.
That said, you can grow pretty decent bud under blurple. You can, however, grow far better and more volume under a decent modern HLG or similar fixture such as a Fluence SpydrX. So when the spare cash is burning a hole in your jeans, its definately worth the upgrade!


I’m still not sold on the fluence spider or hlg. My cmh puts out a larger spectrum than those high priced shits


Sure if you dont mind the cost of replacing it every year, and the electricity bill, and the heat they generate, and the bulky fixture that eats up 16 inches of grow depth easy! And technically no, metal halide is not superior for plant growth, modern LED are tuned far better for plants. You can get more useful light intensity per watt with a modern LED than any gas lamp. You do know they are street lights right? Havent changed since the first ones were stolen off a pole years ago.

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I sure don’t know how everyone became a hlg phallus rider but last I read you have to buy extra red LEDs for a certain spectrum. So 300+ bucks for 240w then another 300 for the special red. 630w cmh$250-300 with bulb and very full spectrum. I kill it in my 2x3x5 tent with 315w cmh. Like 10+ ounces per plant

Now thats not very nice to say? Anyway nope, dont need extra red lights, they come red spec, hence the R spec. For the fluence they come with red already in the strip.

As can bebseen easily in this image.

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10 ounces is not bad, but I normally pull 2 pounds up to 5 pounds a plant. Though I only use artificial light for early veg.

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How big is your tent? 4x4!? 5x5? I’m in a 20"x36 and first plant I pulled over a lb off it


Sweet! M

y grow room is small only 4 x 4 x 6
My greenhouse is 24 x12x 12 .
I finish my weed in the greenhouse because I can grow bigger plants and dont have to deal with the smell.

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Only like a 10’ plant @Cannabian :laughing:

Have fun hacksawing that big Bertha thing down Jesus man…

Kids not actually going to listen here so no need to argue, 4/5 people told him to setup rdwc.(dunno who said it first tho may want to scroll to top and find out.) but arguing for lights now… use whatever gets to grow done,

Then if you aren’t pleased with the results make changes

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Actually Guys, I got this thread started, but looks like you all have been talking quite a bit.

Remember, I’m not the one who may be leaving comments, but make sure you know who you are talking to.

There are a lot of comments about the original thread poster (i.e. ME) in which I have not been a part of the conversation.

So make sure you are aware of who you are replying too, because it’s not me your posting back and forth with. Or is it?

I’m not on here enough to be seeing comments towards me like I have been conversing with you when I haven’t.

Not every reply is a reply to me. Nor is every comment coming from me. Seems like some of you have forgotten this.

Nope the roof is 12 feet the plant has been bent over and supercropped numerous times. If I had to guess on height un manicured? Probably 18 feet. Its also half way across the door which is in the middle of the greenhouse that is 24 feet wide. So that makes the plant 12 x 12 x 8 wide there abouts. It dwarfs the Balkhi plants that used to be up to the roof, some parts still are, but most are bent from bud weight.

I checked that video but the link is bad. No longer out there.