Prof. Bugbee's course "The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation"

Is anyone planning to take Prof. Bugbee’s The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation class from Utah State? The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation | USU

I’m thinking hard about it – science is good! – if some others here are thinking about it (or will take it), maybe we could have a study group :slight_smile: Maybe a volume discount.


He is a pioneer!!

I’m considering it. Gonna be hard to come up with 1000.00 dollars for it. Oaksterdam is cheaper I think.

The Oaksterdam 17w Horticulture semester is $2495; Fall '21 is full.

I think Dr Bruce is awesome and I’m digesting every bit of him I can from UToob.

But I’ve bought two degrees already and they taste awful, even salted.

$1000 isn’t bad if the content is good and delivered with care, that is, you get to ask some questions and talk to someone that cares you understand. Id want to know if there was a group discount, but this class is still probably too advanced for me.

They say “This course assumes at least a high school understanding of chemistry and biology,” so if you’ve had HS chem & bio, you should be good. (I graduated high school in the mid-80s and haven’t had chem or bio since then, and I’m confident enough…)

Let me see about where the volume discount comes in…

If two or more, there’s a 15% discount = $845.75.

Should reply and say ok, what kinda deal if I have a group of 20?

Wow they raised the price of that up since 10 years ago.

Lol, I’ll be happy to, but so far there’s only been about 3 people expressing interest…

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Thank you! It wasn’t the intellect I was concerned with but I did leave it open.

I am very intrigued but I’m too far into my initial budget w/o proof of concept yet, as in actual flower. I have a lot of free reading yet to do, and my equipment would deserve that money first.

Seems like the Utah St class is a pretty good value and designed to help a good cause. It’s their first go around too, I think. Bruce gets a little whack with the video equipment now and then, you hear someone coaching him, it’s awesome.