Product suggestions please?

Looking for 3 (actually used) product suggestions…

In a 2x2x3 foot grow tent, i am having trouble raising the humidity to suggested amounts.
I have hung 2 wet towels and its still too low in the 40’s %.
I also have a thermostat controlled exhaust fan ducted from tent… All other vents are closed.

Im looking at “small humidifiers” on amazon, so can anyone suggest a quality unit to fit in my tent
or a better way to increase the humidity?

2nd item… Any good UV glasses (or bad ones to avoid)?

3rd (lastly for future) I will likely need a DE-humidifier in the summer… Any known quality units that will fit inside tent… Or (again) best way to decrease the humidity?

Please only items you (or someone you trust has actually used… THANKS!


Hi there welcome, @BrockSamson, I would first turn off your extractor fan it will suck the humidity out off your tent and then check your meters in about 2 hours and see what it reads :v:

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Our very own ILGM help (@Countryboyjvd1971) is an HVAC expert and can give you the best advice on this.

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Get either a small water bottle humidifier or a small room humidifier.
Perfect aire

Air innovations

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I just got these glasses.

I like them so far, better color correction than my normal polarized sunglasses. But the plastic frame smells, put them next to the carbon filter to air out. I would NOT use them around Lasers but they work well with my cheap LED light.

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Ive got my tent in my bedroom. Only way i could get humidity up or down was to buy a humidifer & a dehumidifier that will do entire room. Started out with a dehumidifier that stated it would work inside of tent but it couldnt do the job.

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For the flowering room I use Method Seven glasses. I have the clip on style and they work great. You can find them on Amazon.

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Turning fan off I thought this made sense… Dunno why i didn’t think of it
However it didn’t help… Maybe has something to do with im in a heated garage.

This fan is AWESOME tho… Im putting together some pics/vid I’ll put up on a grow journal post.

I think ima try one of the humidifiers that @Dieselgrower suggested… I’ll try to revisit this post after its set up.

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I am considering the vivosun glasses… I bought their fabric “smartpots”

Im curious if anyone has any thoughts… As i do have what I call “torch” green tinted glasses… From my days as an auto tech (alot of oxy/acetylene torching… (not welding glasses)… But I’m curious if these would be better or worse than the vivosun’s

@NTMAREMACH while the method sevens look cool, fashionable (i think i have no fashion sense)… They might be worth it… But JC up to $170…damn!
Tell me what are the differences between method seven and vivosun or some other $15 pair?

@BrockSamson I purchased these:

I can’t compare them to any other products because these are the only ones that I have used and I don’t have the instrumentation to test them (UV is not visible to the naked eye).

I believe I paid about $60 for them. Here’s a couple pictures of mine. Mine are for HPS lighting.

I use them when I take pictures of the girls. You can see a big difference when you’re wearing them.

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Fyi The vivosun glasses smell fine after about 30 minutes of off gasing next to the carbon filter. The bigger problem, ear pieces are too big to wear comfortably with my over the ear headphones.

That might be part of the difference in pricing, frame style and structure. If you ever purchased prescription eye wear you have noticed lens are usually the cheaper part.

This is what I use Apollo Horticulture UV400 Fit Wear Cover Over Prescription Glasses Wearer Indoor Growing Hydroponics LED Grow Light Room Glasses for Intense LED lighting Visual Eye Protection - LEDGrower2 and I use with lec

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