Product reviews

I’m not sure if there is a section for product review…if there is ill delete this.

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I’ll go first.

Burple sucks.


Blurple hating club meeting has begun. I second this.


AC Infinity 3x3x6 Tent

Sturdy as heck. Only one pinhole light leak, easy to patch up

Heavy duty zipper. No problems so far
Only thing I didn’t like is nothing taller available

Oh yeah, price was right too

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I agree I have the 4x4 and there is nothing that even compares in my personal opinion.

Waste of Money!

Love these compared to cloth pots
I use this thing almost once a week. Worth every penny.
Waste of money!
Love these!

Id include ac infinity fans, I think we all already know they are awesome!

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When you water with the air pots, does water and medium come out the side holes at all? I was just looking at those lids and they seemed like a good idea but for some reason they seem cheesy at the same time.

No. Initialy soil out the bottom when filling with dirt but after that none. Nothing out the sides. Twice the root structure of my 5 gallon smart pot grow.
The lids are more work then just burping and laying out buds.