Product ends up being too 'hard'?


Question from a fellow grower:

Hypothetically speaking a friend of mine lives in a state where it’s still all completely illegal. So he drives about 100 miles where he has 25 or 30 plants. He has them in about a 5 gallon hole in the ground. He uses Miracle Grow potting soil with mulch on top. He drives down to water them 2 to 3 times a week, depending on how hot it is. But the last 2 years his product is pretty good, but it’s incredibly harsh. He dries it for 2 weeks and at roughly 50 to 55% humidity. He’s the only one that trims plants during harvest so it takes him about a week to get it all finished. My question is do you see anything that would cause is product to be so harsh or could it simply be he had some bad product from the start?


Lol there’s no need for hypotheticals here. We’re all here for the same reason. Join the forum and you can learn a lot. To much nutrients before harvest or a poor cure would be my guess. But without all the details there’s not any way to guess.


iT all depends on when he did his harvest, Curing does several things to make your buds better. It improves the flavor and reduces the harshness of the smoke (partly because it breaks down chlorophyll as part of the process), and there are some indications that it also can increase potency and reduce some of the anxiety and paranoia issues you might feel with cannabis.

If buds aren’t cured enough, you get harsh smoke, weed that’s a bit harder to grind and physical effects like headaches or a hung over feeling that you don’t get with properly cured buds.

If your buds are cured too much, they become dry and brittle and lose some of their flavor.


does the person hypothetically use Miracle Grow with time release fertilizer in it, if so a long flush before harvest may be the cure.


Yea, I have to hypothetically agree with @James68’s hypothetical answer.


@James68 and @NOOBIE,

Any one Hypothetical speaking using Miracle Grow with time release nutients and if they feed there grow most likely won’t make it to harvest and if they did it wouldn’t be anything to write home about. Hypottheically speaking that is


Miracle grow. That’s the issue period. People will tell u they use it with no issues and that’s only true for the grow if u have no problems. Because u can’t flush an issue it just gets worse. And it makes weed taste like $hit. And they do it on purpose. They have publicly said they don’t want their products use for cannabis.

Tell your “friend” he should look into some cannabis friendly soil. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hypothetically I agree with your hypothetical answer regarding this hypothesis. :nerd_face:


THIS IS…one of the few places where farmers can be open and not afraid of being tracked down.

The harshness is LACK OF FLUSHING TO REMOVE NUTE RESIDUE. Plain and simple…you have to flush out the left over nutes.


U can’t flush miracle grow!!! It’s time release. U water it releases!!