Producing Seeds?

I use a 4’X8’ tent with a 1kw adjustable HPS lamp set at 900w. I plant in Fox Farm Ocean Forest 6.3-6.8 ph soil in 5 gal. grow pots. I add 1/4 cup of blood meal and bone meal to the 5 gal. of soil. I fertilize with Fox Farm’s Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. I NEVER open the tent when the grow light is off. I do open it perhaps twice a day max to water/fertilize (as appropriate) and to trim as it grows. I can grow 12 plants (6 Bruce Banner and 6 Gorilla Glue this grow, all auto-flower) and move them around now and then to even out the lighting. All my seeds are from ILGM and these were less than a year old and sprouted normally.

The Bruce Banner seeds developed into very sticky buds and are pretty stony, much more so than one would expect from buds that were somehow pollinated (in a tent in a closed room). Nevertheless, the Bruce Banner has developed what appear to be viable seeds (see below). I’ve grown this variety a number of times and never found and seeds on the plants. I should have taken a photo of the plants (3 had seeds and 3 grew normally) but my photography skills are minimal and my phone refuses to save maybe 9 out of 10 attempts. Thus, all I can show are the seeds I found in maybe 10 grams of product.

What did I do wrong on these do you all think? I’m getting ready to harvest the last plant but this also seems to be a normal plant with no visible seed pods and I’d rather find a way to get all back to normal plants with minimal or no seeds. Should I try to sprout and grow these seeds are will they be pretty useless?

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I’ve yet to grow any auto that didn’t herm eventually, that’s why I went back to photos. I wouldn’t sweat it as it will be some good smoke, but I wouldn’t plant them seeds either.

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Magnificent. Long question answered with a short but informative reply. I thank you.

Likely one or more plants developed nanners and pollinated some of your flower. Autos seem to be prone to this. Seeds collected from a plant like this will also tend towards hermaphroditism.