Problems with Trainweck seedlings

Wow, same age as mine. Yours are gorgeous.

I use nutrients. I start feeding at 4 nodes. I also mix my own hot soil to grow in.

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I may be guilty of over watering. The autos suck it up, I have to watch them closely. I may be swamping the TW. Thanks

Definitely flushing the pots will benefit those train wrecks

The wwa will grow faster then the train wreck fems as well and need to be treated differently
Thats why your seeing such difference in growth rates as well

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I’ll take them outside and flush them today. As soon as I get the pH meter I’ll let y’all know what I get. Thanks

Okay @skgrower, I think you called it, they are over watered big time. My bad. Thank you everyone for the input.

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That’s also why I use cloth pots and saucers. I can feel the weight of them and tell when I’m getting close to needing water.


Thanks for the tip :blush:

Did you get a ph meter ?
You definitely need to maintain the ph level in your soil

Thanks for your patience. I finally got a pH meter but I’m having trouble getting reproducible results with it. Anyway, the incoming RO water is measuring 6.20. The effluent is 7.35. However, despite my repeated efforts to calibrate the machine, it still runs 0.1 lower than all 3 of the buffer solutions so I’m not sure how accurate the device is. Any advice would be appreciated, and yes, they were getting over watered.