Problems with sprouting

Method (recommended by supplier):
Dropped it in water for a couple days.
Placed it between moist paper towel until it germinated.
Placed it in a starter pod with a little water in the bottom, and put it under multi-spectrum uv lamp.

Here’s what happened:
First time:
Germinated…sprouted about 1"…turned yellow…withered…died.

Second time:
Germinated…didn’t sprout…tap root withered…died.



try something like cheese cloth or some diff paper towels… sometimes they contain too much bleach and i would also make sure the water is good to go…

I put my seeds in a custard cup of distilled water and 1/2 tsp of peroxide and leave it sitting on the cable box (74F) until cracked. They go straight into either coco or Promix, dampened, under a dome with a 24/0 light schedule. Near as 100% success as you can get…

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1", yellow, then died sounds like damping off from being too wet. Didn’t sprout, tap root withered sounds like too dry, or the tap root got damaged. I do about the same as @Myfriendis410, straight into the medium after soaking. Then they just need to be kept moist until they sprout. Then they need only tiny amounts of water at a time, at first.


As @Myfriendis410 said soak in a warm area for 48hr then go from there
I use a jiffy starter kit follow directions, get away from the paper towel method is my advice you’ll have better luck planting them in solo cups even

i agree about the paper towel method also… if folks are comfortable with it then go for it but make sure the bleach content is low… personally i think my germination rate is about the same or better just soaking in tepid water in a shot glass for a day or two then just put into the dirt… they pretty much always come up…

I always thought waiting for a longer tap root was the way to do it but I found out not with the rest of the folks here crack and plant it proved itself to me!