Problems with plants

  • bag seed pretty sure it’s blue dream.
  • Method: Soil w/salt
  • Vessels: Fabric pots
  • PH of Water 6.4-6.5 feeding. , runoff has been 5.8-6.4. But it’s been 6.4 the last few waters.
  • PPM/TDS 900ppm going in every other watering.
  • Indoor
  • Light system. Cheap amazon light as I just wanted to start growing. Plan on upgrading before next grow.
  • Temps; Day 75-80, Night70-75
  • Humidity; Day 50 percent ,Night 40-50 percent.
  • Ventilation system; Yes,Size 4 inch
  • De-humidifier is not running.

I’ve had my issues with my first grow. As I have made some mistakes along the way. At first I was over watering while they were seedlings. Then I ran into an issue with over feeding I’m pretty sure. As they were turning really green and tips were starting to burn . My stems are turning purple. Which from my understanding is a magnesium deficiency. I flushed the plant. I started nutes again after a week of only water feeding. When I feed her last. I feed her at 900 ppm adding Epsom salts to flowering nutes.

Run off after feeding was 6.4 ph and 850 ppm. As I watered today with only cal mag in my water it was at 200 ppm with a runoff of 500. Ph run off was 6.4. I am currently using ffof soil. She is on day 50 from sprouting. She’s about 2 weeks into flower. Sorry for the crap blurple pictures best I have right now.

This is nitrogen abundance. Sounds like you are doing all of the right things, and every last one of us makes mistakes. It hard to comment based on the pics. Burple lights don’t highlight the plant’s color at all.

You might want to upgrade when you flower your plant. Good lighting will make a big difference in the quality of your buds.

Make sure to watch for pollen sacs. It could be a male, and bag seed can produce hermies.

Welcome to ILGM and good luck!


Pictures in natural light would help a lot. Also wondering how long damaged leaves in pics have been that way? And what does your new growth look like?


She is in flower now. She is really starting to pop pistils now.

I have had this issue for a few weeks now. I also have rust looking spots on some of the older leafs. The newest growth looks good.

Well she’s finally in flower .

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Anyone have any insight on what’s wrong with her?

Hard to tell in that light , but I’ll say its ph problems more then likely… :+1::wink:

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