Problems with GSC germinating

I have tried 3 times to grow Girl Scout Cookie from seed. First trial germinated in soil and had 1 of 2 make it. Got another 1 of 2 shortly after so had a nice Grow and harvest. Got a clone from one and was growing outdoors in a smart pot but it got knocked over and smothered. So I tried again, 3 seeds soaked 24 hrs, were split and sprouting. Planted delicately in Fox Farms Ocean whatever but only 2 of 3 made it. Tried one more seed same manner only soaked 16 hrs but was splitting. Never made it despite keeping all seedlings under a translucent cover, moist soil and humid air in grow tent with temps in 70’s always.
Is it just a difficult seed to start?
At same time I have soaked and started 3 Gold Leaf seeds, 3 of 3 doing great, all done in same manner as the Girl Scout Cookie. That is why I ask.

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Same thing happened to me for most part only one out of 4 sprouted. Fox farm ocean forest is way to strong made that mistake my self with GSCX after being told it would work. Best to use rapid rooters for GSCX seeds it’s the only way I can get them to germ.

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Great advice. Thanks.