Problems with Gorilla Glue seedlings

I am having an issue with my recently purchased GG seeds. I have lost 4, they sprout then die off. I am using foxfarm oceans organic soil in small seedling flower plants. Anyone else have this problem? TY, for Help! K

Usually problems with sprouts is due to over watering.

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FFOF soil is not really recommended for seedlings, the soil is very hot which means it’s charged with nutes to last the first 4 to 5 weeks of the plants life. Try using a seedling soil that contains no nutes.


TY I will try those suggestions! Glad I bought 20! I have never had an issue with FFOF before this, maybe its just the strain???

Some plants are just more sensitive to the nutes. A lot of people have problems with Foxfarm soil.

@raustin I agree with you. As good as FFOF is, it does have its draw backs. Think about using the nectar line next grow.

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Try using cloning pods to get them started, like root riot, and a ‘lighter’ soil like Happy Frog for an interim soil between the baby roots and the FFOF.

Any seed starter soil will work you want something with no nutrients

I just posted some pic’s of my 10 / GG4 seedlings , they are doing awesome. soak for 24 hrs in spring water, put in paper towel w/ spring water for 48 hrs, then mix 50% vermiculite and 50% miracle grow seed starter and gently put in soil with seed cap no more then 1/4" deep. I put mine directly under 300 watt LED