Problems with damping off, suggestions?

Hi guys, I believe I’m having problems with plants damping off.

This last one is over 2 weeks old, and I noticed it is starting to lean, even though it has no issues with stretching, and after looking at it, it has gone pretty limp just where the stem and the rapid rooter meat.

The stem is nice and thick abuv the rapid rooter, and then starts to taper down and gets floppy at the base.

I was told to try a product called actinovate, does anyone have experience with this product, or can someone suggest something else to help?

First off looks like an excess of nitrogen what are you feeding her if you are and what was your ph?

She was fed with about 5ML of Advanced Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom Perfect pH line, and 7.5ML of Voodoo Juice and B52…

Not sure on the pH because Advanced nutrients says not to pH correct the Perfect pH line…

Is there something I can do to try to help it out?

Try to reduce from 7.5 ML to 3.5 ML, flush your medium first though