Problems with Canna coco a+b

Hi so I’m wondering if theres anyone who uses canna coco a+b in a reserviour drain to waste. I’m having a few problems.
1st problem is ph rising. My tap water is around 23ppm at 7.2 ph
I mix nutrient a+b only to approx 250ppm then ph down to 5.8 I have a fountain pump inside res circulating water pretty vigorously. 6 hours later back to 7(I haven’t even fed the plants yet). So I drop ph back to 5.2 (feed plants) and 3 hours later it’s back to 6.9. I’ve stopped running the big pump in the res and swapped to a small circulator pump. Any ideas what would could such a shift in ph in a stand alone tank.
My next problem is the mix is going cloudy within 24 hours not real bad but just cant see the bottom of the tank. I also noticed this when I mixed a jug for previous feed if I left it over night it would be cloudy in the morning. Im on tank water so no chlorine I’m not sure if theres some sort of reaction happening with my water. I also just noticed the ph down I’m using is citric acid. Prob not the best so I have some phosphoric acid on the way. Not sure if this will solve my problems. But if anyone had this problem and solved it please let me know what you tried. I also suspect low alkilinity which might be the cause of the ph swing. Any water quality gurus floating around that might be able to help.
Thanks in advance.


Ive used the canna nutrients before but i didnt have a system like urs i was hand watering coco coir but i always had a bucket made up with nutrients im pretty sure that my ph went up abit only by a few points not enough to worry about ,ur system could be goin up and down in ph due to build up of salts in ur root system maybe im no expert on this but it maybe the problem

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@spyonyou @Nicky @Sincitytoker @PharmerBob couple guys who use res, and water pumps etc really good dudes :+1: :clap: :call_me_hand::100:
Good luck Growmie



I use jacks but I put my pump on timer circulates 15 min every hr ,possibly to much airation causing pH drift ? On cloudy is the a specific way to mix your nuets? like Jack’s if mixed wrong will turn cloudy ,make sure everything is totally resolved

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Thanks @ConcreteBudz for the tag.

@Bjg, I use Jack’s 321 nutrients. I’m not absolutely sure but, I believe ph works the same regardless of what nute line you use.

Your ph will seek its natural ph level of 7.0 over time if you don’t have any roots to stabilize your root zone.

If you don’t have any roots to react to the
nute/ph, nothing is happening to maintain a stable growing environment. It takes roots.

Also, in hydro, don’t let the ppm’s dictate how to ph. Let the ph dictate how much nutes to feed. That may also be another topic.

Good luck! If you need any help, feel free to ask away! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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It is normal for pH to jump a point or 2 daily for a few days usually after a couple few days it settles and will stay okay. U’ll just have to keep an eye on the res daily and of not bad let it go a day but I’d check and adjust daily as needed

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Ph dosing system, bluelab does it for like 2-400?

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Thanks for the tag
I dont do hydro but I do use a 30 gallon reservoir and keep my nutes in there for the week
I have 2 aquarium pumps that run 24/7
And yes ph does swing from 6.0-6.4/6.7 in 24 hours so I sometimes have to adjust ph daily and I check ph before I water.
I have an irrigation system going do I pump water out the reservoir and to the top soil with water rings
But yes as jj mentioned up above make sure you are adding your nutrients in the correct order as that can cause cloudiness in your tank.
I use jacks 321 so can’t help you in the canna nutes

I’ve looked into the ph doser they’re $1000 here and because the whole idea of this was to be able to set and forget for at least a few days to a week I’ve seriously considered purchasing one, however I’ve all ready done my back side on this setup so I think I’ll have to wait for now, I just didn’t expect there to be such a rapid change. I always mix A first, pretty thoroughly then add B and I even left out the rhizo and cannazyme for this very reason I wanted this to go smoothly at first and play around with it later. I’m thinking the citric acid ph down could be the part of the problem and too much turbulence in the res.(also I think I’m in the wrong game, I should be selling watered down lemon juice for $20 a bottle, I could buy the lemons and still make a decent margin)


You add silica? I always find that stabilizes the tank a bit longer

Nah no silica at all. From what I can understand from reading a million posts is possibly the ph at low nutrient ppm has a low buffering capacity or low alkilinity so the ph is very easily changed either way either due to aeration, temperature, nutrient changes etc So my question is if anyone knows how do I increase that ‘buffering capacity’ at low nutrient levels without affecting the plants? I’ve read guys using cal mag to raise RO water ppm then add nutrients and set ph, I assume this is what they’re doing giving the water a bigger buffering capacity. I’m not sure if I’m on the right track here. I’ve also read certain sodium bicarbonate or something adds buffering capacity but I’ve never heard of anyone using this in their res. So any ideas? Sorry for the long post but I’d really like to get my head around this.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Did you buy the canna coco from Amazon??

I’ve never had a problem with canna when buying from the distributor. I’ve heard of people getting expired,water down canna coco from amazon,that is usually a coustemer return

A stronger solution will almost always be more stable. No real way to get around it. If you use a product like Jack’s, however, you run full strength from seedling to harvest. That would help.


I run silica full strength jacks and a product called Mr fulvic and once I pH my reservoir will ride from 6.5 to 6.7 for three or four days before I have to readjust