Problems with auto flower seedlings

First grow planted seedling in Fox Farm Happy Frog with good results. Now 3 attempts yielded wilted, brown seedlings within 3 days after planting. Trying not to have to transplant into new soil. What soil should I use?

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Welcome to the community ! I like to you use seedling starter soil. ( black gold or foxfarm Light Warrior )

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You shouldn’t be having problems with Happy Frog. I would suspect damping off (root rot,) as that is the most common problem with seedlings wilting. Do you have photos of the seedlings or can you tell us what your watering practices were?


@hrobair1 I’m in happy frog farm soil and I don’t had any problems, some pic of the plant help to talk, I don’t know what is you process but hff soil had nute for like 3 or 4 weeks of you seedling so if you started given nute maybe you burn the plant

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Agreed, too many growers try to keep a seedling too wet thinking it will grow faster. If your medium is well moistened and a clear dome/cover is used, watering is generally not required for a few days to a week or more. You cannot rush the sprout to seedling stage. Most activity at this point is underground as the roots seek water. Make them work for it.