Problems uploading pic's

Been trying to upload pics getting upload 100% but no pic will post

I was just reading the thread you’re trying to post in. The link I see on my browser says “uploading” and looks like a link.

I hope they resolve the issue. I’m getting ready to use LED and the pics I’ve been finding are very helpful.

Yeah been trying all day hopefully they will see something us broken

Iceberg, Will here… I got your problem solved brother.

You see down there in the bottom right hand Conner it say’ " upload "
When you click it…Camera, Camcorder and Documents. Should appear. Click on Documents and your pictures should appear. Choose your pic and wait a couple of seconds and it should appear in your post.


If its different let me know

B Safe

I noticed Will was having the same problem at first, but then he started posting pictures.

As kind of a admin/moderator, I don’t always see the pages the same way you guys do. So what Will is describing might be a work around to get it to work for you.

It might be just a temporary glitch in the matrix, lol, because they are working on some upgrades, I’ll try to send a notice up the chain to make sure they are aware of it, but they probably already are, and as I said it will most likely be fixed soon.

Peace and happy growing,


Thks MacG I thought I was blocked or something

Just posted pic working fine thks

It is quite possible it was just an intermittent glitch in a server somewhere in the loop. Glad to see, all is well.

This is the kind of issue that allows for members to PM Moderators. Do not ask for private grow support, but if you have a technical issue on ILGM forum. Post a PM to MacG, or Me,. and we will always try to help.

I also always suggest downsizing your photos to 2mb, or less. 1200x 1200 px works really well for uploads.