Problems on seeling

Info: 2 seeds of sour diesel auto

Germination time: one 5 days and the other 4 days bot in glass of water with h2o2

Soil: hpff happy frog farm

Pot: 5 gl fiber

Light 20/4

Water: 6.5

Temp: 74 f and hm is up 50

My problem is one have the cortopy closet and the cannabis leaf is out and the other is small and have the cortopy with litter burn marck and the leaf of cannabis to look like cigarettes burn I have pic let me know and I post thank you for help is my first time grown

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Ok a bitnlost whats a cortopy closet. Posting pics would be of better help also as we can see whats going on beside reading about it. Sometimes pics tell a million words

IIRC I closed the second one of the same question and asked you to not do this. One more time and I’ll give you a break from the forum…

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Closing this thread too.