Problems in organic growing and cooking soil

I used recipe from book TLO and it is name as 2.1 soil mix, I mixed all the nutrients according to book except for dolomite lime which I used powdered one and did not add bulb food and oyester shells as I did not get them but my ph after 10 days of composting is around 8, I am not able to understand why?, I have used cococoir which may not be dinaed but i asked for a rinsed one and tds readings of soil is around 100 and also how to lower soil ph organically and without hurting microlife.

This is the recipe which makes 8 gallons of soil which i doubled as i am making 20 gallons of soil.

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That recipe is why I stopped trying to mix my own soils and switched to coco. You may have to give it some time to cook. There is plenty of lime (more than any recipe I used) to lower ph. Adding more fungi and bacteria will speed the process.

One of my plants have become yellowish white, ph was around 8 so i put some lemon and it’s around 7 now or is

it N def.