Problems getting started

Hi, fellow growers I’ve honestly started growing again found a killer place to buy seeds. But anyway I live in an area where there is no humidity, temp range during the summer months over 100 degrees+ for 20 days or more humidity ranges from 16-30 if left alone. I’ve manage to control both somewhat. I could not get any of the WW to germ but 1 out of 5. I grew it in those fiber pots but again didn’t make it…oh BTW i got a hold of some street seeds 1 made it still there looks pretty sad.I’ll post pis of the plant left.


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Im going to be straight up front with ya.
The seed bank wasn’t that great after all. Seems that you got your hands on bad seeds!
Try buying them from here check out there seed bank . They have a great deal on WW.


How did you germinate seeds? If they sprouted, what did you do with them? You didn’t really offer up any information other than your seeds/plants failed. Give more details about your process. Also read up on all the information available here in previous threads, there is usually an answer to issues already on the forum if you do the reading. Best luck!

Thanks for your reply, I did as much research as I could it’s not the same
as back in the 60’s…70’s
I germ 5 in water they floated, left them in 24 hours none sunk down even
with a little help next day 2 floaters tap down they went. Once I checked
and waited, waited one showed a root what came out was brown. took them out
put them on a paper towel, waited…waited.

I’m only managed to get 2 seeds out of 8 to germinate from this site.