Problems getting seed to sprout

Hi all. Last year I did 7 auto white widow in 2 grows. They turned out amazing. Had enuff smoke to last s year. So I recently tried to plant some of the remaining seeds. Put some in paper towel and some in soil but couldn’t get them to sprout. I figured I must have not stored seeds properly. So I ordered mix set auto seeds. Put 1 blueberry in soil and 1 northern lights. It has been over a week and nothing. I spray multiple times a day to keep them moist. They r on my kitchen counter in the peat cups. I use distilled water in sprayer. Please help. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Maybe they should be in dark or under light???..I have no idea. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I’ve had great success just wetting a damp paper towel folding it with the seeds inside not touching each other. Put that into a zip lock baggie and put someplace that dark and warm for 72 hrs. Don’t peek and check on them after 72 hrs. Other’s will let them soak for a day before putting into a paper tower. Good Luck.
This was after 72 hrs and currently all four are doing great.


Are you germinating first or just popping the seed in?

They like it warm. Put them where they will stay slightly warm like top of cable box or hot water heater.

I put mine in pH 6.5 (can use distillled) water for 18 hours in a dark, warm, 78 degree closet. Then I put into moist paper towel sandwiched between two plates (not squished - one plate upside down on the other) so its nice and dark. Checked them at 24 hours in between the plates and 5 of six were sprouting. FYI - the 2 White Widows were the slowest sprouters. Mine are photos. Some add a few drops of peroxide to the soak. I didn’t. 6 of 6 sprouted. Hope it helps.

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I just put mine on paper towels wet them then put them in Ziploc bags on top of the fridge

Hey @Minnie59. I am going to start my first shortly and have been reading a lot. It appeared to me that soaking seeds for 24 hours first before you start any other germinating procedure is good as that helps the plant discard the seed shell when it’s time. it was in the grow guide.

Seed husks vary in thickness and some seeds have taken me up to 7 days to sprout. Using peroxide helps as does running the seed down a nail file to scuff the outside of the husk. I just put em in peroxide and water until tails form then plant into a neutral medium. I’m not a huge fan of the peat cups and actually prefer (and recommend) straight coco in a solo cup. Use distilled water only and you don’t need to PH.


I just put the seeds in fox farm soil

Wow…I am definitely trying that. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much

I am going to use paper towel method from now on. Thanks so much

Never heard of using peroxide. Thanks so much

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Great info! Thanks so much

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I wondered about ph. Good to know. Thanks so much

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