Problem with well water

I was wondering if you could help me
we are up in the mountains and our water comes from the well,
the TDS reading is 062 with a ph of 8.62,
its going thru a uv filter plus a carbon filter, bringing
the TDS reading to 003 and a ph of 6.89
we have been using distilled water and feeding organic nutrients,
would it be safe to use any of the above water resources we have, as the distilled water is very expensive
thanks again

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You can use your well water just ph the water to the right levels , but as a suggestion get you a 5 gallon bucket or bigger and catch you some rain water …, it’s free and it seems to work wonders being it goes through evaporation from lakes , and rivers which has great sources for plants :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:


Are you using a water softener on the well water? If so if it’s using salts don’t use to water plants as it will hose it up big time. I use distilled water since we have the above setup…

Rain water is free and it’s most likely ph at 5.8 straight out the clouds .

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