Problem with seeds?

Hi. I’m a first time grower. I bought the Autoflower Grow Pack from @ILGM.Support. I’m using @aPotforPot. My first attempt was with the Autumn Haze seeds. The first seedling sprouted and then died in the first week. The second went through this progression. image image image image image image image image image image image image

@aPotforPot Support told me to let her go and try again. @ILGM.Support asked me to try two more Autumn Haze seeds. Here is what they look like now. image image

A week earlier, I planted a Blueberry to see if there is a difference.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I’d like to get one plant to flower at a decent size!

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Looks like some of the issues are over watering, and spraying your plant. Putting a dome over the plant to keep your humidity up, will be better than spraying.
I can see the peat pellets are pretty saturated, I would recommend keeping everything moist, but not saturated.
Tag anyone on the forum, everyone is happy to help here. Happy growing.


Thanks. I just watered the plants when I moved them to the larger pots. The two that are in the pellets did get relatively dry, but seem very small and aren’t growing the same way as the Blueberry in the pot. Is the Autumn Haze particularly difficult to germinate and start? These are the third and fourth seeds that I’ve tried. They have all been pretty similar.

I’ve stopped spraying them completely at this point. And, I’m using much less water. I’ll try the plastic dome. The humidity is about 60% in there today.

I appreciate the help!

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Welcome to the community. First thing I see wrong is watering the leaves. This is a no no as the lights and beads of water will act like a magnifying glass and kill the plant.


I agree, keep your plants dry. What are you using for light?


Welcome to the community; Like everyone said less water and a dome.

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Thanks, @dbrn32. A 300W Full Spectrum LED

I’m being much more careful with the leaves now.


Thanks, @MrPeat and @Deepsix. Why are the plants in the pellets starting so small? Is overwatering an issue that early?

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Yes over watering will cause issues.

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Which one, and how large is your grow space?

I have that mix pack and the amnesia haze grew great about 4oz dry per plant ,if you would like to learn more about watering and when check out the guide section on this site a whole section on watering,keep the faith this site will help gl


The space is 32”x32”x63”

This is the kit. BloomGrow 300W Full Spectrum UFO LED Light + 32’‘x32’‘x63’’ Grow Tent + 4’’ Inline Fan Filter Duct Combo + Hangers + Hygrometer + Shears + 24-hour Timer + Trellis Netting Indoor Grow Tent Complete Kit
by Bloom Grow
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So basically a 100 watt light. Efficacy isn’t bad but you will probably end up wanting bigger light.

Sorry. I’m confused. It says 300W.

What light do you recommend?

A qb 260 xw kit would be great in that space, but they have been difficult to come by.

@dbrn32 Hopefully, these are ok. MAXSISUN 2020 Latest QB Style PB 1500 LED Grow Light, High PPFD Rating Sunlike Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Bloom, Plant Growing Lamps to Cover a 2.5x2.5 ft Flowering Space
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I need to get at least one plant to but before my wife accepts something more substantial!

Thanks for your help. The Blueberry plant is doing well. The Autumn Lights seeds all failed!


Definitely not quite the same caliber of light, but you should be able to successfully harvest some plants with it.

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