Problem with Seeds not sprouting

I’ve tried putting my seeds in water until they sink, but when I plant them nothing grows. I’ve tried germinating In paper towels in a baggie, as well as cubes. Good seeds from reputable companies, any suggestions to what I may be doing wrong. Also, thoughts on male or female or possibly a hermie?

I’d say a male… I had a similar problem. The reputable seed bank sent me new seeds no questions asked. I put them in water and let them get a good tail. Put in seed starting soil and now they are growing well.
Good luck

Yeah it’s a male. I start my seeds in a shot glass of distilled water with a capful of peroxide. Then place the shot glass in a warm, dark cabinet. If there’s light, I just cover the shot glass with a solo cup. Typically have a taproot within 24hrs. Don’t worry about sinking, I’ve never had a seed sink and they’ve always germinated.

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