Problem with seedlings under same conditions

(I copied and pasted this here from my grow journal so please forgive references that may seem random, was just easier to do this over writing this all over again lol)

Ok people’s before I get into my normal daily update I have something that I would like to ask for some assistance with. I seem to be having some issues with my seedlings I just sprouted with the seeds I purchased from ILGM from the sweet auto mix I believe it was called (gelato auto, wedding cake auto, and zkiddlez auto) . I’m not sure if it is something i am doing wrong or what but i have never had these issues before and I’m not sure if it is because these are autos? Just really stumped at this point because I am using the same methods I always have with all the seedlings I have ever sprouted and never had this issue before. So what’s happening is that my seedlings are looking… burnt ? I guess I could say , they are like very wrinkly and just not looking right . The weird thing is that out of the 4 I just sprouted under the same conditions 1 of them died and didnt fully sprout which was a zkiddlez auto , 2 of them are looking all wrinkled and not right which were wedding cake auto and gelato auto, and the last one is another zkiddlez auto which is doing perfectly and that’s why I’m confused cause since that one is doing very well and all were under the same growing conditions I’m just not sure why these other 2 are doing what they are . Anyways heres some pictures …

You see what I mean ? The 2 that are not doing well are both 9 days old today, and the 1 that is doing good is only 5 days old today and its shooting past the 2 problem ones by a lot already . I’m just not sure if it is from the seeds being not great or what but I’m feeling kinda disappointed due to this being the first round of autos and seeds from ILGM I’ve tried and it’s already not going well. What do you guys think about this ?

This is another pic of the second zkiddlez auto I sprouted that is doing well. 5 days old today.

This is a pic of the gelato auto that is struggling, 9 days old today.

This Is a pic of the wedding cake auto that is struggling, 9 days old today .

And here is another group shot.

But can you guys see why I’m concerned? Lol like I’ve said they were all under the exact same conditions and only 1 of them is doing good. Just not sure what’s going on here . The temp , rh, distance from light and everything is within spec of where it should be and that’s why I dont know why this is happening. What do you guys think ? Bunk seeds? I mess something up ? Need some advice on what I should do about these girls . anybody else that may be able to help , please share your 2 cents .

Also wanted to add in some pics of what the first zkiddlez auto did .

So as you can see , what it did was when it finally broke ground it just refused to straighten out and open up to begin growth . Germination was slow, but when it finally got to the point where I was able to plant and I did so, it took unusually long to break ground and then when it did that happened and it just ended up dying . Not sure if that’s something I could bring up to ILGM and try and get another batch of seeds or not but this is why I’m bringing it up to you guys first. What do you think is going on with these things . It seems like I have been having a lot of issues with this batch I recieved .

Also just so there’s a few more pics , here are some older pics of the 2 problem seedlings I have …

Wedding cake auto …

Gelato auto…

And a group shot

All of those pics were taken 2 days ago, what do you guys think ?

Also wanted to add some info on the conditions they have been in .

Under a 1500watt philzon cob led with only the veg/bloom switch on , stronger off and the stronger is what controls the cobs, currently pulling 115 true watts from the wall on that setting and they are about 28 inches away from seedlings .

They are in solo cups filled with happy frog with added perlite , with a small top layer of coco to assist germination and sprouting they were also under a humidity dome until they sprouted

Temps have been around 75°F in the tent with about 60% RH

2x2x4 tent with a 6in ac infinity raxial series for exhaust fan , has an oscillating clip fan on the plants in there as well.

Those are just some things I can think of that’s usually on that ticket I see around the forum. Anything else you may think could be a factor just ask amd I shall answer.