Problem With Plants


I have two AK-47 clones that I have had for exactly three weeks today. I repotted them and they have been growing well with a bit of yellowing on the bottom leaves. About 4 days ago, the yellowing got worse and I am losing leaves. Does this sound like N deficiency? They are grown outdoors in pots.

Also, I woul dlike to upload a photo but the system said, “Disallowed File Type”

Any help is much appreciated.


Let’s get you started with a support ticket, answer all the relevant questions (and any you didn’t already give us) and we might be able to get an idea of what is going on.

ILGM Support Tickett

What is the strain? --two AK-47 clones
Indoor or Outdoor? --outdoors in pots.
Size of space? --NA
Soil or Hydro? Medium used?
Type of nutrients used? PPM levels?
Humidity %?
Light system/watts? --sun
Vegetative Growth season or Bloom/Flower season? Number “weeks/days” from start of veg growth or into flowering? --veg three weeks?


I know you can upload .gif, and .jpg; Also; Edit the size down. Many peopple have issues uploading images because, they are too big. Nothing to do with file type, just a hint for future re: Peace

Look forward ot reading your support ticket