Problem with my plants

I germinated 5 fem seeds. all the seeds I used opened. I put them in small coconut fibre pots with some Fox Farms Seed Starter. They are outdoors. I have always done it this way and my plants have always grown. But this time, all of the seedlings sprouted out of the soil, grew to about three inches tall, and for three weeks , have stayed exactly the same. They aren’t dying, they are green and look normal, except that they still only have four starter leaves each, and haven’t changed a bit! they are all different strains from different packages. Any thoughts?

Sounds like they were reaching for the light. They stretched; It is not the end of the world.

The reason they are not growing is because; they had not rooted properly. They stretched, and now are rooting. Do not over water them, but make sure they do not dry out. With proper attention; These can become viable plants.

What you don’t see on the top , most likely it’s going on under the bottom , but plants will seem like they stalled , which means they are developing roots , which is a good sign .

Great to hear )))
I hate the 20 char. min.