Problem with marijuana plant

Hello, my name is Hassan, I am from northern Morocco. My profession is a farmer who is a beginner in the cultivation of marijuana. But this year, the plant has been infected. I do not know its name nor its source. After a long research, I came to this forum to help you. Thank you for your efforts and assistance to others.

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The picture says ‚Äėhealthy marijuana‚Äô. Can you post some close-up pictures of your plant(s) with the so called infection?

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If that plant there is infected I say roll with it but a pic of what your talking about would be best


Looks like a nutrient deficiency to me…


First of all, thank you for your time. I think your words are right, my friend. What kind of food do you recommend?

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@abdlmalik…there are many different makers of food(fertilizer-nutrients)
Are ALL the pics of your grow? If so, then you have many plants doing well.
You must know as a farmer…not every seed will grow a healthy plant. This is expected. The more you plant, the more puny ones will show up.
The soil looks to be very rocky, dry and resulting in low food(nutrients) for anything to grow. However, If ALL the pics are yours and the same field…you have a very good crop growing.
The 4 pics of unhealthy plants looks to be a PH problem. Easily corrected, but, since ALL the many others are green an healthy…your drip system of feeding/watering is doing excellent.
You could water those individual plants with PH correct water and fish emulsion would be easy and inexpensive(in the US) to find. There are many three part nutrient available to the US. I have no idea of your access to these products. However, an internet search should provide available options.
***a PH meter is essential.
You might consider starting a composting effort. Chicken shit is loaded with nitrogen but will burn plants until it 6 months old. Mixing that with cow shit and plant matter will provide a richer soil to grow in. Green beans are a good crop for putting nitrogen in the soil as well, but, it is not a semi-arid climate crop.
good luck

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I understand from your words that a vegetarian is not infected with the disease only needs not it?My friend

I would start at adjusting ph and work your way to nute deficiency.

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In my opinion i would stay away from farmed animal manures due to high levels of medications they receive. There are plenty of other ways to deliver what the ladys are needing.

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Plants look hungry… :wink:


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The sick plants you showed are not infected. They are burned…probably the PH is off.

Animal manure in Morocco will not have any medications in them.

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Source: researchgate.
Just found this in a sec.

Ya never know whats in your meat!!! Lol

Antibiotics have played a major role in improving the growth performance of poultry farms. However, the massive use, sometimes abusive, of antibiotics in poultry production induces the emergence of multi-resistant bacterial strains and causes the presence of antibiotic residues in poultry products. In 2014, Moroccan poultry produced more than 534.000 tons of meat of which 7% was achieved by poultry units in the region of the east. The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the importance and characteristics of antibiotics in broiler and identify dangerous antibiotics practices in eastern Morocco. A comprehensive survey was conducted among 35 private veterinarians settled in this region. It includes 39 questions divided into three sections. Statistical analysis of the data was made by the EPI-INFO TM 7.1.4 software. The Enrofloxacin is the most prescribed antibiotic in avian medicine by 51.43% of inquired vets, followed by Colistin and Tetracyclins prescribed, respectively, by 22.86% and 14.29% of them. July and August recorded the maximum of antibiotic prescriptions in 82% of respondents. All these vets have noted avian antibiotics abuses, 94.29% of them have denounced smuggling antibiotics use. The Moroccan law governing antibiotics in poultry was considered insufficient by 68.57% and the control system was deemed inefficient by 42.86% of inquired vets. The persistence of certain dangerous antibiotic practices in poultry production should call for the competent authorities to protect public health.
(PDF) Antibiotics in broiler: exhaustive survey… . Available from: [accessed Aug 08 2018].

I will concede that local farmers in Morocco raising meat to sustain local life are probably free of things like this.

Looking at the growing conditions in the OP’s pics, I seriously doubt there is anything resembling a supermarket anywhere close to his location.
Without getting into a futile discussion, it would be more likely the meat in his area is running around until dinner time.