Problem with hydro grow

From a fellow grower: I’m now trying hydro my problem is they grow 4 inches and die ppm 2200 ec 5000 ph 6 temp 81 any help would be appreciated

Ppm 200
Ph 5.8
Water temp 68 degrees Fahrenheit

Ppm should be in tds

Nutrient level is WAY too high
If 81 is the temperature of your water, it is too high. Ph is good


I run a chiller so water is 66 to 68 during grow.
Without a chiller water is best at 70f or less so you don’t get root rot.
There may be a ppm chart as well you can follow as you grow from the nutrient line you use.
Mine are at 950ppm in flowering

Depending on your setup if it has a reservoir you can scoop out a ton of water and replace it with new water that is ph’d.
You are for sure feeding wrong if it got that high. Be sure to find a feeding schedule for the nutrients you use. What I do is add 4 gal to a 5 gal bucket, let it sit 24hrs or put air stones in it for 30mins to get rid of chlorine, its tap water. Then I add nutes and top off res.
If you top off res and then add nutes remember you only add nutes for the amount you add to it not for the total the system holds.
If you just have a single pail then get a second pail and fill that to proper height ph and add nutrients and swap plant to new pail and dump old pail out.

The numbers sound off. PPM should be around 200-300 depending on manufacture. Nutrients should stay below 75F In the reservoir (maybe lower if organic).

There are a bunch of feed schedules on General Hydroponics website. This is geared towards their products but it is still a good overall guide to feeding.