Problem with growing

Hello everyone, I had a problem with my Hindu Kush clone, the new leaves begin to grow all distorted as if there was no space or force to grow, at the moment is in a small glass for not having much root, below as I am doing:

Solo : 50% perlite 50% inert
Led Full spectrum
Clone of Hindu Kush (aeroponic system and changed to soil when it’s roots)
Nutrients: biobizz grow and heaven 1ml/l
Removed velokelp (1ml/l)



Was she cloned off of a flowering plant? If so she may be distorted because she is re-vegging. Your plant is ready for a transplant.


cloned from a plant in vegetative state, but with 3 months of vegetation

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In addition to transplanting as soon as possible, I would consider pHing at 5.8 for a perlite/inert medium to be in the hydro range, as opposed to 6.5 true soil range. If you you transplant into a true soil, 6.5 is fine.

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I would transplant into a good soiless mix like and welcome to the forum glad to see a mn around.

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