Problem with germination


I was going to do my seeds in a 24-hour soak, however after 12 hours they sink to the bottom when I touched them. After I seen that happen I went straight to the paper towel method. Is that going to be a problem?


Your seeds will be fine @slim420

Some folks soak them until the sink, some 24 hours, some not at all. The key is keeping them at the correct temperature until they crack. Then into medium of your choice.

The most important grow skill that I learned in my first grow, just 10 months ago, was patience. I thought I was being patient but it turns out I was rushing everything. I was just rushing things with patience. LOL


I soak mine till I see a tape root come out about 1/4in sometimes it will take 4 to 8 days.
at day 10 or 11 I pitch them start new if needed.
hydrogen peroxide 3% I add 2 drops per shot glass of water Tap water.
24 hours I will change water and add 2 drops hydrogen peroxide 3%
till tap root.
Hope this helps.


What temperature would you suggest they be at


I keep mine in the low 70’s F. I am not certain what the precise recommendation is, haven’t looked it up for a long time. If you take a look at the ILGM grow guides it is specified in the one on germination.


I have my seeds in a moist paper towel on a plate then place it on top of my cable box. Keeps them nice and warm and have a high success rate.


I keep mine at room temp


I heard about the cable box method. I’ve got the temperature in the low 70s so it should be okay I just didn’t want to get it too high


I am not sure about that, I can only tell you what I do…


I will have to look but last document or article I saw said like 75 to 80 F was optimal. But stay under 80 and above 70 and they should pop.