Problem with chocolope

A question from a fellow grower:

I bought some chocolope a while back and I have a problem that I cant
find out on the internet. I was wondering if you could tell me what’s
wrong with my chocolpoe. It was on one leaf and know spreading to others
can you tell me how to fix the problem and what’s maybe the cause of

It is most likely a pH related issue. What is the pH of the water you give it, the pH of the nutrient mix after it has been mixed with the water, and finally what is the pH in the soil?

Thanks for responding. I do have a ph problem but, I want to take some cuttings from this plant do I have to adjust ph before taking clones.

A healthy plant makes for healthy clones. That being said, if the cutting looks healthy it probably will stay healthy as long as it is placed in a a growing media that does have a proper pH and proper no to very very little nutrients, seedlings and clones do not really need nutrients until they have some well developed roots.