Problem with blue dream autoflower

So my blue dream auto is taking a massive hit no pun intended whats up? Water once a day, temp good humidity around 50, soil is just earthworm castings with perlite leaves are like drying up horrible and a new brown curl is forming

![20210313_191546|666x500](upload://glK2NtMTWcNorNarYcmVcUsOkzr.jpe g)

Also light i have is 600w LED and it is 20 inches from plant.

I believe you are over watering your plant which will lead to stunted growth and potential root rot. Cannabis likes dry periods between waterings. Only water when soil is dry up to your second knuckle. Also, what LED are you running? I have sad news for you, it’s most likely NOT

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Thank you for your comment

Are you saying you are growing in just worm casting and perlite?

Straight earth warm casting would be a fairly intense feeding I would think.

Unfortunately you fell for the same cleverly deceptive advertising I did when I just started out.

According to the specs on that LED, you have a 110w grow light. You see, what these chinese scumbags do is throw a bunch of 2watt - 5watt diodes onto a board and multiply that by the number they used. This will be ok for Veg (barely) and you’ll need something much stronger for flowering.

You want to look for PAR and Efficacy of the photons. If you’re on a tight budget look at Spiderfarms, Carambola or Grow Light Science LEDs. If you can afford a good light (your entire grow is solely dependent on your light choice), look into HLG, AgroMax or build your own LED if you’re handy with electronics.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s not a lie, that light won’t help you grow quality cannabis.
The phd of LEDs will tell you the same @dbrn32 .

If you have about 10minutes of spare time, check out this thread I created about LEDs

I also have this one in my basement is this okay?

Thank you for your honesty too

What light would you recommend please link me something i am really struggling to find a correct light

There’s not a single person on this forum that would flat out bullsh%t someone with malice. Just well seasoned individuals that enjoy seeing success. I’d be lost without this forum.

You could combine the two with an overlapping footprint to give more photons to the plant until your get a better one. Just be mindful of the heat.


HLG have a few more on their website.
So does HTG. Google 'em

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So many options! I am still unsure hahhh

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Yes @PhillyRock is right invest in newer led technology, those what we call burples (cuz the color of the light) are not up to the job, especially when you get to flower. Cheap lights grow cheap weed. I made same mistake, and I fixed that with the first light philly suggest the hlg 100 for 149 bucks. Fantastic light to grow one nice plants, here’s what I grew with one. My light paid for its self in one grow. I use two 100s in my 2x4 and got close to 1/2 pound off two plants of nice dense buds. Spend a few dollars you won’t be sorry. Here’s a picture of my last plant lemon berry


Yes if u can get one find a good hlg light they work great. Ull b happy when the buds start forming and u have rocks not cotton buds lol. Hlg hlg hlg. Itll be your beat investment in the game.

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I still think your burned up plants have nothing to do with lighting and everything to do with growing in just worm castings and perlite.

Thanks for comment

I heard you could tho. But apparently not? Probably to rich in nutrition

I can’t tell how big your pots are, but if you can up pot them into a mild soil (happy frog) or peat (ProMix), or even coco they would do better.

I’m sure all the burning and deformity of leaves is caused by the straight worm casings and not the lights.