Problem with a first time

Hey guys,

A have a problem with my plants and I don’t know what is going on. It’s a 9 weeks from the seed now and it’s not growing. The bottom leafs are very small and the top leafs are curly. Some of them has yellow spots. I have change light, nutrition and everything else, but still the same. Now it has 1000w led grow light. It has been watering everyday with 100ml water. Now watering when ~5cm of the top is dry.
I had planted them in the bigger pot and seems like a problem could be with the roots. 8-9weeks but the roots are not that big…

Seed: Blueberry skunk indica
Soil in pots
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Soil ph 5.8-6.6 water: 6.5ph
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: NA Used Bcuzz Coco micro kit, but now using universal flower micro nutrition, which has all the nutrients. 5-1-4
Light system, size? 1000w led grow light
Temps; 18/6
Ventilation system; Yes
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: NO
Co2; No

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Looks like it maybe a bit nute burnd. 9 weeks in… have u started to flower? If so ur gonna want to find a lower N (5-1-4, the 5 is N) as u progress…

These 1000w lights… can u find a link on amazon to them? Would help a ton!

And last but not least. If possible, can u pull them out of the tent and get some regular light pics? Its incredibly hard to diagnose with blurple pictures

Not started to flower yet.
1000w led

I have order new led bulbs 8pcs 80w. since the room is big, and that 1000w light is not enough for some plants on the side, so i thought maybe 8 bulbs with 80w is better and it gives more light.

It looks very strange with these small leaves.

Ok. Thats much better. Couple things going on here. Ill snag a few photos and go thru em with u. But what kind of soil are u in? How often are u feeding? And how much? Also how far from plant tops are the lights?


This is called tacoing leaves. Its a sign of environmental stress. Normally too intense light or too high temps. Thats why i asked how far are lights from canopy (leaf tops)

This is nute burn. Specifically N toxicity. Too much Nitrogen. No super problem, but id cut back on the strength of her feeds.

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soil is for the pot plants. plantorama krukkejord-80-ltr-plantorama ( use google to translate) I been looking for a PH 5.5-6.5 and this one has that.
i started to feed them 100ml water with mixed nutrition, when the top inch is dry. Before that i been feeding them everyday with 100ml, maybe that was too much? but it newer been very wet.
Light is about 50cm from the top.

ML… CM… dammit @Deivis talk english man! :joy::joy: im kidding. Let me convert a bit

for the light it could be maybe 1000w is too much, that’s why i order 80w bulbs instead. It should come by Monday and i’m really thinking that new light will helps.

You’re in good hands @Deivis. Looks a little root bound, too.

100 ml is 3.4 oz… thats not alot of water at all.

So when u feed, u get 100 ml and mix how much of the nute supplement with it?

50 cm is ~20 inches. Try raising the light to 22-24 inches if possible. Tacos should leave

Sorry mate :joy: we have mililiters and centimiters, not inches :smiley:

Also ur light is 120-130w at the wall. That 1000w equivalent stuff doesnt really mean much for our intensive purposes

56-60 cm is ur target window

A gallon is 128 fluid oz… or close to 3000mL… when mixing feeds i ALWAYS use a minimum of a gallon of water to add nutes too. Even if u dont pour it all… ur nutrient solution could be Waaaaay to concentrated


Ahhh. That helps. Lemme see

I cant find any reading info on ur nutrient line. Can u take a pic of the front and the back of the bottle/box/packaging

It took my GSC 3 months to flower. But I had no issues at all outside the fact I didn’t know about Scrog.

i been using these all the time, i think from week 5-6

but than i noticed that the leaves are not growing, so I thought maybe it’s too much of nutritions, so i clean all my water tank and i mixed new nutritions from this week ( universal flower nutrition )

5ML to 1000ML water.

But how can you explain me why these small leaves not growing?

Which small leaves?

Those in the middle.

Sugar leaves never get as big as fan leaves