Problem replying to messages sent to my email address


When i try to reply to email sent from you guys I get message saying (We’re sorry,but your email message to growing marijuana, didn’t work. None of destination email addresses are recognized . Please make sure that you are sending to the correct email address provided by staff. When i click reply it tells me that i am replying to growing What address am i suppose to send to.


Hi fella, could you forward the mentioned email to and address Jennifer? We will investigate where this is coming from. Meanwhile, the above email address can be used for customer support.


I am trying to forward the mention email to,but i’m getting message saying address is invalid


I’ve been trying to forward the mention email to the email address from my email and I message saying suppor@ilovegrowingmarijuana.comis invalid


email to the email address that you gave me and i’m getting a message saying( is invalid. I also need help in trying to send pictures to your forum. Please help.


Hi fella, just ran some tests and this really is the address

you can upload an image by selecting the icon with the arrow pointing upwards from the menu above your text