Problem/Question about an order

I ordered 3 Blueberry autos yesterday. (This is only my 2nd purchase so I’m hoping this is the best way to get an answer for something like this) After I ordered I never got a confirmation # or any confirmation email as well. But the order did say it was confirmed and went through fine. How can I tell if my order went through if I never got a chance to confirm through email? If I need to post my email address I used let me know! Tnx!

have you gone to the home page and at the bottom used the “Contact” under the “About I Love Growing”?

don’t post your email address in the forum.

@MedMan1878 Today is Sunday. Aint no one at work till Monday. :slight_smile: Even they get weekends off.

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Geez do I feel dumb or what!? Sry bout that…THANKS PPL!

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