Problem - Need help

Hi to all,

What is happening here? Pictures attached. Plant have wilted about three days ago. It’s dark green I thought that could be nitrogen toxicity and flush it yesterday with 8 gallon 100ppm solution. Pot is 5 gallons. Today no improvements. Maybe is calmag but Im already adding some calmag on normal feed schedule. Runofff PH was 6.1 with ppm 900. It’s some high ppm runoff but for all my plants with HP pro mix runoff is ppm high and they are fine.

Here is the ticked

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Looks like they’re getting rootbound. Those are small pots for such big plants. Those girls are only going to keep getting bigger.

I’d recommend transplanting into bigger pots.


Buddy it looks like you are going to need way more light than just the vegg switch

Def big for those pots.

Tell us about your watering technique.

What’s your rh, high/low? I know you said, “L.A.”, but specifics are better.

Do you have oscillating fans circulating air?

I know. I have a bunch of HPS sitting waiting for the AC system to be installeed. Thanks.

I bet this is the problem. Thanks for your help.

Hand watering when needed with a meter.

RH has oscilating a lot. down to 4% some days.

I do have oscillating fans circulating air.

That’s really really low. I use a humidifier in the winter to keep my veg area rh above 50-60%.

I checked the meter and lower RH on last 20 days was 24%.

This is the same garden. What’s your oppinion about this problem?

It’s a root issue for sure. Potting up was my first idea too.

I agree with @blackthumbbetty.

Gorilla glue is a heavy feeder. With her i fed, calmag & repeated process. No straight H20 days. Also bigger pots & more lighting.

Thank you all for the help!!

Is this a mag deficiency? This plant is not big as the others.

How is the drainage in your pots? Why are they wrapped in plastic? Do they sit in their own run-off? Could you be overwatering? I agree you will need more light but I think 5 gal. should be ok though it would not hurt to transplant.