Problem near the end

First grow, had some trouble at the end, couldn’t find the problem ! Tried most things to see if i could fix it, any help would be appreciated [Resized_20190505_091408_4543|375x500](upload://mdLXgA


Fill this out and put as much info as possible that way people are able to give you much better advice. Welcome and good luck my friend.


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Would help much if you CLEARLY STATE YOUR ISSUE…then we can help

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From just pictures, looks like heavy nute burn

What was the ph… distance from light… type of light… temp… and are you running fans on the plants?

And yes nutrient burn is a very real possibility from the looks

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Temp 32 Celsius lights on lights off 24 c, lights 3× 1000w hps, ph 6, nutrient 1200 ppm, rockwool grow medium, ebb and flow ?last picture 5 th week from turning, other pictures 8 weeks, went fine all though the grow until about 4/5week from turning, had mites early but got that under control, as I said first grow, I stopped nutrient after leaves showed burnt tips but didn’t help damage already done? Didn’t get that technically with grow (indoor) just went with it, outdoor don’t have any problems apart from trying to hide them, thanks for the replys

1 month of curing, nice relaxing buzz, cookies are even better , I got told this was redbeard have not been able to find it, any info on this?Excellent weight from 3 plants, 4 lb 8oz , growing gorilla glue now from seed, also have gold leaf, Bruce banner will try this two later


Nice buds bro

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I borrowed a couple buds that was red like that outta my brothers bag when I was younger. Love the way it looks. Can’t remember how it smoked

Beautiful! Yeah for future remember our convo bout nute burn? Yeah unfortunately once it happens it can’t be undone just flushnutes then restart at half strength. Anyways…blah blah from me… beautiful job gorgeous​:metal::+1::blush::blush: