Problem is suspected but unknown

Last night I had a beautiful little sprout. This morning this morning the sprout was gone & a big hole was in it’s place

I’ve never had a sprout pull itself up and run away. Must be looking for someplace better to live.

Sounds like critters.

You live by yourself? Inside outside?

Cat. MEOW , that tasted great !!

I’m thinking mouse.

Inside grow and the house does have a mice family.

@Not2SureYet had a mouse recently and it caused him all kinds of trouble. Mouse trap with creamy peanut butter ought to do it.


I was told to use a piece of wire like from a bread tie. Run it though the seat the peanut beutter sits on and make a loop of it. That way. When the mouse tries to scrape the peanut butter of. His teeth would get caught on it. That is what caught the one I had.