Problem identification / dry corners

Hi Guys,
Can you please help me with identifying this problem? It happened very quick one morning just appeared. The plant is Super Skunk, outdoors, soil in a pot. The whole story is that I wasn’t checking the ph and didn’t give additional cal-mag. The plant started having different symptoms than the attached below, in the end It turned out the ph was 5.5. I fixed that and started adding cal-mag as well. I flushed once with fixed water but I didn’t wait enough to dry out properly and after 3 days I fed it. Do you think this might be overwatering or something else?

Thanks @WickedAle, doesn’t sound like an issue at all. Hope this is what’s going on.

Hey guys, do you think this might be LST issue. The big leaves in the middle look like most of them are affected. Also some other big leaves on the other side where the main shoot is are curling corners. Or maybe the humidity from the soil can’t evaporate and affects them. I have no clue.