Problem Child Plant

Hello Grow Family…Meet my problem child.This plant was given to me all messed up and I accepted the challenge.It did bounce back but now I’m getting small airy buds and popcorn all over.I’m in week 4 flower.My ? is can I defoliate smaller buds below to increase the size of buds up top or am I wasting my time with this plant.It’s a lemon drop btw.Any help is appreciated.New to the grow game.Thanks!!!

What u feed those plants? And what was you light schedule?

Currently I’m doing the General Hydroponics Feed.I use Ph’d RO water only and feed cycle.Also I have it on a 12/12 cycle.All my other plants look good.Not sure why this one is so airy etc.

I think is early for only that plant to be 12/12 scheduled but I’m new grown and I give now 20/4 in 4 week I go down 18/6 then in the end give 12/12 but I’m rookie mys girls they re 10days older

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It’s still early. Looks to grow about like SLH. You can see mine.

As you can see I’ve removed the lower nodes already. Getting fatter everyday.

Edit. These pictures are one day apart after removing popcorn. Gained an inch on the cola


That SLH was only a 3 week veg before flip. Why it’s short. Was trained too.

That plant looks good.Mine is tall and has small buds.From experience my Girls that are short and stout that I topped produce bigger buds imo

Look beautiful in what week they re and how long is u light scheduled

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So you need to start do lst you plant look like you let grown

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Example…These are my other Lemons and they are looking good.Buds are growing big etc under the exact environmental conditions.I’m assuming this plant just won’t act right so I’ll finish the grow and harvest what I can I guess.

All mine were flipped mar 15.
I’d say just give yours more time. Look up pruning recommendations on your strains. Like my strawberry cough says to remove all unnecessary foliage. I figured that was excessive. But the damn things aren’t happy unless their naked one day and blocking itself the next.

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Thanks will try to give it more time.May just be a slow bloom compared to the others