Problem blue dream and PPM/EC

Okay, I have a blue dream photo that I can’t seem to make happy. I’m growing indoors in a soil/coco/perlite mix. Water PH balanced to 6. Using general hydroponics flora series and I’ve been using their chart for nute amounts. She’s two weeks into flowering and I can’t tell what’s up or what the ppm and ec levels mean.

Any help or advice appreciated. I have 11 other blue dreams on the same nute schedule and all seem happy but I know each plant is different.

Don’t cut nitrogen out completely, but looks like you have a little extra. I would do a flush, and resume normal feedings.

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First you should be using a soil schedule for proper ratios.

When you mix your nutrient solution, using PPM your target should be around 1.000 ppm. If using EC that would be 2.0.

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