Problem appeared at start of flower

On about a quarter of plant. I didn’t switch to full flower notes until 3rd week. Spots started at first week, being new and after research thought mag. deficiency. Freaked and sprayed leaves with epsom salt 2nd week. Did that cause this? 4 weeks into flower now. No sign of pests

Pics to help with diagnosis?

I’m trying to find where to add and support ticket

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1st pic is main cola and second pic is a secondary

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pic on right is main

in FF ocean soil and FF nutes. Being feed PPM 550 and EC 1200 with ro/water. PH was low at first, I was using liquid test until I got a meter. 2 weeks into flower started making PH 6.5 going in. runoff test yesterday showed PPM 500, EC 1100 and PH 5.9

Ec 1200? And ppm 550? Here’s a chart for converting ec to ppm. They are basically the same measurement (with a bit of math involved). You can have an ec of 1.1, which converts to ppm of 550.

During bloom, you actually want your pH to go just a bit higher than 6.5, say 6.7 to better process bloom nutes, and to ignore some nitrogen. Your pH is extremely acidic for soil, especially in bloom. This is causing your plants to lockout nutrients. Until your pH is fixed, no matter how much you feed, your plants won’t be able to eat.

I’d recommend a flush. A very thorough flush. How big are your pots?

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Its a five gallon pot. I flushed with five gallons at flower and soil still came out at 5.8ph. Yesterday I did 3 gallons at 6.8ph cleaned drip try and collect last water ran through and read 5.9ph

You’ll need to flush with closer to 15 gallons of properly pH’d water. If you can get your hands on r/o or distilled water for at least half the flush, that would be great.

Once flushed til the pH is correct, add about 1/4 strength of your nutes.

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after 15 gallons of 6.7ph r/o water run off was 6.5ph. watered 3 days later with 6.7ph and run off is again 5.95ph. something else is going on. everywhere else i read, run off of 5.9 is fine it’s the ph going in that matters. watered and feed at 6.5ph for last 4 weeks. Using 150watt HPS 10 inches away plus 4- 23watt cfl’s. Temp 78 degrees humidity 40’s to low 50’s

the soil run off has always been between 5.5-5.9ph from the start and been feeding with ph around 6.5. She grew like a beast from the start and throughout veg and flower stretch. could it be a lack of nutes?