Probaly nutrient deficient but it could be a diseas, PLS HELP ME

So i have 4 plants in plagron allmix soil and I’m using BioTabs indoor tablets with BioTabs gorilla fertillizer under CFL 250W lamp, this problem appeared firstly in first few weeks of my grow but disappeared after using more fertillizer. Now I’m in half of flowering and the problem appeared again much stronger and faster. New leaves are affected much less than older grow which started to wilt and fall of. I think pictures will tell you guys more than I.

Looks to me like something is eating your girls! Look under the leaves (with a scope) for miners or mites. Those holely light green areas resemble the damage they do.

The wilting is possibly something different. Firstly check your stalk for any borors. They can affect nute distribution.

Then how are your watering practices.

Also how big is she compared to pot size. A wide photo maybe better

What are the temps and humidity of your tent running

It’s possible that sth is eating them, i thought about it, now they are in dark cicle so i can tell u about mites in about 12 hours, i can’t undarstand the word “borors” and i’m not sure is stalk the same as stem. I water them nearly every day sometimes every second. I don’t remember the pot size but we should be fine here, temp. is mostly around 25 C and the humidity I can’t control is 50-60% all time.

Overwatering is real! Do not give your babies too much love. Marijuana actually grows better wanting more water then it does having too much. Try to space your watering out to every other day. If she dries a bit the day in between a light spraying works WONDERS!

On the issue of bugs i think you are in flower so neem oil spray in out of the question. A coating of food grade DE across your top soil will prevent the buggers from crawling in or laying eggs on ur soil so its a great preventative and management. But to remove… im not so sure. Be sure to examine them very closely when you get the chance.

Yes a stalk is the main stem. Borors are beetleish insects that dig into and make a home inside your mainstem. Look for dark spots or holes starting at the very bottom. Just inspect her to the very best of your ability and update us when u get a chance

I would strongly suggest NEVER using pre-fertilized growing media or time release pellets.

Doing so takes away your control of when the plants get nutes and what type of nutes.

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Yeah i figured out by now but no before planting :sweat_smile:

I found black dots on leaf on above picture so on 90% chance there is a predator :frowning: i will change my watering habits

Dude, ya got bug bites everywhere on your leaves. Leaves cannot transpire and wilt, backing up water in roots, leading to rot. Maybe try neem oil spray.

SOOOOOOO… I checked the leaves and under them are small like 1mm green bugs which are making damage, is it possible to get rid of them with that neem oil before harvest (~1,5 month)? Already bought it but i don’t know how to use it.

Sounds like leaf miners if they look like lil catepillars. Neem i believe can be sprayed (diluted or not) just not at all recommended during flower. Happy u found the buggers. I always finger scrap each and everyone of em off