Probably nutrient burn, but can she be saved?

Jamaican Dream from EVA Seeds
South-facing balcony in 75L (20g) tub with Pro-Mix BXM, fair distance above tree canopy
Tap water daily, 18-18-21 mixed as directed every other Friday.
Ph & PPM/TDS unknown
Northeast, so lots of sun & humidity so far this season.

The pics were taken after plucking off all the leaves showing discolouration.
Considering that budding on that balcony is typically mid-August, can she be saved?

For what it’s worth, there’s a HUGE sativa-dominant auto right next to it thriving in the exact same environment – 55" tall with 36" branches covered in baby buds. She looks big & strong enough to uproot herself & march on City Hall.
Also a Purple Kush that looks sculpted from jade by a Hindu artisan. Again, exact same growing conditions.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I can’t see anything that you need to worry about.

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Ok great, thanks.

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Looks kind of little bit like a bug problem to me then white little dots on the leaves

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That’s what I was thinking. @Benny_Profane, can you get a closer shot of the white spots? They lol like mite damage.

Unfortunately, I’ve thrown out all the affected leaves. These weren’t the best examples, but on leaves with more advanced issues, it sure looked like nutrient burn. Also, the way it progressed up from the bottom of the stalk, and from the stalk up each branch I think indicated lock-out.
Spider mites was an early suspicion, so I checked it out with a high-powered magnifying glass but found nothing.

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That’s always a good thing. I’m sure someone who is better at identifying nutrient issues than I am will come along soon. Maybe this will be of some assistance in the meantime. If nothing else, I need to look at it again. lol