Probably been asked before but


I heard some of you say that you freeze some cookies and what knot,but can you freeze your cannabutter for later? Thanks!


@Neckred I always freeze my canna butter and canna-coconut oil. It prevents it from going rancid. I got some butter shaped silicone molds from amazon and pour them into them to set. Once I release the butter/oil from the mold I wrap the individual sticks in plastic wrap and then into freezer ziplock bags. I do it this way because then I can cut off the exact amount I need for what ever I’m making and let it defrost without any guess work or waste.


Thanks @AnneBonny for the reply…this helps alot…butter is going to my kin who got cancer,and since harvest for me is several months apart,tis will help her make it last longer…:blush:


You rock @AnneBonny I need some of those


Sorry to hear that @Neckred Hoping the cannabis helps her find some comfort during her fight.


Thanks @AnneBonny…since I been giving her butter her tumors have shrunk…not being a doctor or a cannabis expert,I can’t prove its because of the butter or not,but we’ll keep on truck’n.with it!


Amen to that! Too bad the gov’t won’t get their heads out of their a$$es and let it be studied.


One other thing @Neckred. I have pretty much gone to only using coconut oil as it so versatile. For cooking you can use it for anything that calls for butter or oil. I also fill empty capsule with it for easy, discreet dosing. Those I also keep in the freezer. @Latewood posted a link to episode 52 (or maybe it was 54) of growing with fishes that talks about all the benefits of coconut oil vs butter for edibles. Also check out the thread Decarboxilated CannaCapsules in the members lounge/smoking, hash & edibles


@AnneBonny…hope you get your appetite back…food is good! Lolol…butter mold things are neato…was checking them out on Amazon and will purchase the one you showed in a month or so when I can make butter …now,if I can find a way to make home made twinkies,I’ll have two uses for them…lolol…get feeling better